Dario Puggioni


About Dario Puggioni

In our world, everything is constantly moving and changing. Over time bodies degenerate and buildings disintegrate. The process can be extremely long or remarkably sudden. However long the process takes, it is inevitable due to the unavoidable influence of time. In his large scale paintings the artist, Dario Puggioni, experiments with this crucial moment, the brink of collapse. His artworks allow for a peaceful pause in time, during which one can inspect his surreal interpretation of these damaging events. His beautiful, harsh imagery depicts human forms which appear to be broken by inner or external forces. On top of that, the surface of the painting itself is treated in such a way that the original structure of the painting begins to break away, affecting the form of the figures and adding a whole new dimension to the image. This collapsing of the material draws the bodies out from the surface, destroying them while creating life. The mythical tones of these modern works further emphasize the relationship between illusion and reality.


Born in 1977 in Brunei, Indonesia, living and working now in Berlin and Rome. Classically trained painter at Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts. His works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. He is also included in the permanent collection of Ahrenshoop Museum and the Schirm Private Collection.
Puggioni combines classical techniques of the Italian masters with contemporary surrealism providing unique modern chiaroscuro portraits.


Solo Exhibitions

  • “COLLAPSE”, Hardman Gallery, Berlin 2018
  • “DUETT“ with sculptor Adreas Blank, Gallery Pictet Private Bank, Munich 2017
  • “IN BETWEEN”, Janine Bean Gallery, Berlin 2016
  • “IL FALLIMENTO DELL’UDITO”, White Noise Gallery, Rome 2015
  • “DICOTOMIA CORPO”, Janine Bean Gallery, Berlin 2015
  • “SOLO EXHIBITION”, Janine Bean Gallery, Berlin 2014
  • “WACHSFLÜGELN”, Galleria Marchina Arte Contemporanea, Brescia 2012
  • “SYNTHESIM”, Centro Culturale Elsa Morante, Roma 2011
  • “CORPO VIVO”, Associazione culturale corpo vivo, Roma 2010
  • “IL QUADRILATERO”, Chiostro di San Francesco, Salerno 2008
  • “PRIMAVERILE ROMANA”, Neo Art Gallery, Roma 2008
  • “NUOVE MATERIE DELLA PITTURA”, Art’s Events Gallery, Benevento 2008

Group Exhibitions

  • “INDEX 18” Kunstraum Galerie Goltz, Essen 2018
  • “MIXED REALITIES”, Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin 2017
  • “KUNST RAI ART AMSTERDAM”, Amsterdam 2016
  • “SCOPE BASEL”, Basel 2015
  • “SEVEN DEADLY SINS”, The Unit London Gallery, London 2014
  • “ORDINE E CAOS”, Galleria delle Visioni, Piacenza 2014
  • “INTERLUDE ITALIANA”, Fellini Gallery, Berlin 2013
  • “ADRENALINA – Premio Arte Contemporanea”, Museo Macro – la Pelanda, Rome 2012
  • “INTERRAIL”, Galleria Art’s Events, Benevento 2012
  • “THE NEW TALENT”, Galleria Marchina Arte Contemporanea, Brescia 2012
  • “ART VERONA 2011”, Galleria Marchina Arte Contemporanea, Verona 2011
  • “TRANSIZIONI”, Spazio Arte Napoli Gallery, Naples 2011
  • “G.R.A. : GIOVANI ARTISTI IN ROMA”, Museo Pietro Canonica, Rome 2010
  • “MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR”, Wunderkammer Contemporary Art, Rome 2009
  • “CHE STAI FACENDO?”, Temple University Rome, Rome 2009
  • “X° MOSTRA MERCATO ARTE FIERA DI REGGIO EMILIA 2008”, Art fair, Reggio Emilia 2008
  • “ ARTOUR-O”, Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence 2008


Finalist “ADRENALINA – Premio Arte Contemporanea 2012”, Roma 2012

Winner “PRIMAVERILE ROMANA 2008”, Roma 2008

Finalist “PREMIO NAZIONALE DELLE ARTI 2008”, Catania 2008


Other Artworks