Art Estate

The promotion of artists and advice on the development of art collections is complemented by comprehensive art estate management. On the one hand, it is important to save the lifework of artists from disappearance from the public consciousness, to make the works accessible and to protect and preserve them as part of our cultural heritage. As already done in the case of the Viennese Manufactory Friedrich Goldscheider, we offer various possibilities to scientifically work on publications and catalogs of works before selling a collection.

On the other hand, the interests of heirs are represented and the best possible scenarios are developed through market analysis and strategy. How do you grant validity to an artist’s estate? How do you place it on the market, in museums, art trade, auctions? How can the greatest possible value be achieved for the heirs?

In cooperation with experts in the field of tax law, suitable models are being developed, the authentication of works is taken over by scientists and archives, an inventory of the collection is carried out. The analysis of the art market ultimately leads to a strategic placement in the market. Discreet and if desired anonymous.

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